May 25, 2022


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As part of their daily ritual, millions of people worldwide partake at least a cup or two of coffee per day.

And according to The International Coffee Organization, coffee consumption has been increasing by 10% every year.

However, for coffee lovers, their beloved coffee’s taste and quality can sometimes be disappointing because of the common coffee brewing mistakes that we are going to highlight today. Learn from this common mistake and brew your coffee like a barista

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1.Water Temperature and Water Quality

Hot water 1

When brewing coffee, getting the water temperature right is very crucial.

What is the right water temperature?

Water should be boiled up to around 195°F (90.6°C) to 205°F (96.1°C). At this optimum temperature, coffee releases its element and saturates the water with its full flavor.

It’s important to invest in a kitchen thermometer to measure your water temperature to avoid falling victim to these common coffee brewing mistakes.

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In addition, avoid using unfiltered water as this may leave your coffee with a strong odor or taste such as chlorine. You are advised to use filtered water or bottled water if your tap water is not good enough

Crappy water is equal to crappy coffee

2.Coffee Bean Related Complications

Using old beans, putting beans in the fridge, and grinding beans too far in advance are common coffee brewing mistakes.

It’s important to use recently roasted coffee beans. This is because coffee beans get oily over a period of time and, as a result of this, grow mold and this will give your coffee a bad taste.

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With a coffee subscription, you don’t have to buy coffee in bulk avoiding the tedious storage process of keeping your coffee fresh.

More often, people who buy coffee in bulk end up storing the beans in the freezer. The freezer creates a lot of moisture, which oxidizes the beans, making them stale.

The best way to keep your coffee fresh is to store it in a tightly sealed container in a cool dark place. Make use of a container that has a one-way valve that will prevent oxygen from getting in and at the same time allow Co2 from the freshly roasted been to exit.

Lastly, you should avoid grinding your coffee too early as this will spoil the quality of your brew since the aging process begins immediately after grinding.

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3.Not Taking Care of the Brewing Machines

If this is the age of brewing quality coffee at home, then taking good care of our coffee brewing machines cannot be over-emphasized.

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You will be surprised how much water, milk, and stale coffee get trapped in your coffee equipment giving your brew a weird taste and may lead to clogging.

To make sure that you keep brewing good tasting coffee make an effort to regularly open the plunger and clean all parts of your machine.

Cleaning a Burr Coffee Grinder

4.Ignoring Coffee to Water Ratio Rule 1:10 Rule

Water plays a very integral role in determining your coffees taste.

The ratio of water to coffee should be at least 1 g of ground coffee per 10 ml of water

If you ignore this rule, then you may end up with two scenarios. One the coffee is too weak and does not deliver the delightful taste on your tongue, or the coffee is just too strong it hits with an overpowering flavor.

5.Using the Wrong Kind of Coffee Mug.

hands, coffee, cup

Yep you heard me. Despite all the the efforts you put in place in brewing your best tasting coffee. this may be your Achilles heel.

Our favorite cup of joe should be enjoyed when still hot unless you are going for a nice iced coffee.

If you are going for a hot cup of coffee, then stay away from a thin-walled mug as this allows the heat to quickly evaporate, leaving you with a room temperature less appetizing coffee. A thick ceramic mug will do you good .

6.Sticking to One Brewing Method.

Have you been faithful to only one brewing method ? Really !

Then its time to break out of this strict almost religious allegiance and try out other methods.

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This does not sound like a common coffee brewing mistake does it?

Have you been hooked to a drip coffee maker ? Which most people use in their homes. Or you are addicted to Kuerig

You don’t know what you are missing out on unless you venture out. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and hunt for the perfect homebrew cup of coffee.

7.Getting The Right Coffee Ground Size

still life, coffee beans, coffee powder

The beauty of owing a coffee grinder is that it enable you to grind your beans to any size you want.

That being said, the art of matching the grind size with your coffee brewer is not easily achieved if you are new to home brewing.

For example, when French Press brewing it’s advisable to use the big ground, also referred to as coarse ground. In Expresso Brewing, we use superfine ground coffee.

As it goes the finer the coffee the easier it is for the water to extract oil,acids,solids and other stuff from the grind.

This means that coarse ground takes long to brew while while fine ground is quick to brew.

In conclusion, the bottom line is that there is no one size fits it all for all coffee brewer.Pairing your ground coffee size with your brewer is the real deal.

Next time you are brewing coffee please watch out for this common coffee brewing mistakes

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