May 25, 2022

7 Common & Little Known Coffee Benefits

7 coffee benefits

Ever wondered what you stand to lose by doing away with coffee? As it stands, there are many good reasons to stay hooked to your favorite cup of coffee and a few reasons not to.

This article is for those coffee lovers who are looking for more reasons to stay hooked to their caffeine addiction.

This article will highlight the common and little know coffee benefits you didn’t know exists.

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Coffee May Help You Live longer

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According to a research conducted by The New England Journal of Medicine, adults who drink coffee have a lower risk of dying from a medical complication such as respiratory disease, heart disease and diabetes compared to non-coffee drinkers.

The survey was conducted on more than 400,000.00 older men and women after considering other risk factors such as smoking and alcohol consumption.

The scientists found out that taking more than two cups of coffee per day resulted in a 10% and 15% reduction in overall death in men and woman when compared to non-coffee drinkers

The scientists strongly believe that there is a strong association between long life and drinking coffee.

Coffee Can Benefit Your Skin

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Did you know that your favorite cup of coffee is quickly gaining popularity as an alternative skin remedy? Not only in skin remedy. Coffee has found its usefulness in hair treatment as well. You will see as you continue reading.

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As a skin remedy, the physical application of coffee paste from freshly ground beans reduces the cellulite appearance on your skin.

It is believed that some substance found in caffeine dilates blood vessels under the skin improving blood flow and, as a result, reduce cellulite appearance.

The physical application also has anti-aging benefits as it reduces skin redness, fine lines, and sunspots

The Chlorogenic acids (CGA) predominant in coffee have the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory capability. These, together with the physical process of rubbing freshly ground coffee paste, can collectively fight acne.

Another CGA benefit is that it has been known to reduce hyperpigmentation, suspected of causing inflammation.

Coffee Helps Burn Fat

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Burn fat

This is one of the surprisingly little known coffee benefits that you did not know exist. Caffeine on its own does not help in slimming or burning fat.

Weight loss solutions are geared towards achieving three major objectives, i.e., reducing appetite, reducing the absorption of nutrients like fat, and increase fat burning.

Various short term studies have established that caffeine boosts fat burning by almost 29%

This explains why most commercial weight loss supplement contains caffeine. This is because caffein is also a known metabolism booster.

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Suppress Feeling of Fatigue


This is one of the commonly known coffee benefits. Many people drink coffee to feel energized and awake. Research has confirmed that coffee plays a role in suppressing fatigue.

The energy boost is only for a short period of time, and you will soon realise that you need another coffee cup.

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We can bear witness that our favourite coffee cup has helped improve our alertness when coping with jet lag, driving fatigue, and general tiredness in our daily life

However, be careful in consuming a large amount of coffee at night as coffee disrupts your sleeping by keeping you awake.

Coffee Boosts Brainpower

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Some studies have established that caffeine in your coffee helps to boost your brain function.

Caffeine helps stimulate the central nervous system, making you alert in, so doing it improves your general mental function, learning, reaction time, vigilance, attention and mood.

The caffeine inhibits adenosine making you feel alert.

Adenosine is a neurotransmitter found in the brain that promotes sleep

Coffee Improves Your Memory

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Improve memory

This is still debatable. However, some research has established that coffee improves short term memory.

For example, during the research, it was discovered that a persons ability to remember a series of images 24 hours later was enhanced after consuming caffeine tablets

In addition , the caffeine was found to help in fighting memory forgetfulness.

Coffee Benefits Your Hair

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Did you know that coffee has the ability to make hair healthier.

According to research the caffeine in coffee may improve texture care and appearance.

In 2007, a laboratory study established that caffeine in coffee had growth-promoting effects on female hair follicles.

The study also found out that caffeine helps stirred hair shaft lengthening which resulted in wider and longer hair root.

Thanks to the increased blood circulation to the hair follicle due to caffeine stimulant attributes. Faster hair growth and strong hair are achieved.


Lastly, caffeine promotes softer and shiny hair by locking in moisture and creating a natural sheen.

Thanks to the stimulant effects, nutrients are easily moved to the hair roots causing the hair to look healthier and shinier.

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The bottom line

Coffee is a product that offers various health benefits. What is highlighted here is just a few of the common and little known coffee benefits.

If you enjoy coffee and can tolerate its caffeine contents .Then let toast to many days of drinking coffee.

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