May 25, 2022


white coffee

Hallo coffee Lovers ! There is a new coffee in town and its name is white coffee.

This new kid on the block is not exactly new. It has been around and only discovered recently by the west.

Though a tough bean to grind, white coffee comes loaded with more caffeine, very nutty flavor and low bitterness.

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So what is white coffee? And where does it come from?

White coffee is made from either Arabica or Robusta bean. Its mostly made from Robusta beans.

The beans are roasted at very low temperature’s of 350 degree while regular roast is usually between 450 degrees to 480 degrees. The roasting duration is also short and ends before the first crack.

In essence, the main difference between white coffee and regular coffee is the roast level. Another major difference is its yellowish color.

Because low heat is applied when roasting the beans. The beans are usually hard, and so you will need a specialised grinder to do the job. Most home grinders are not strong enough to grind white coffee beans so you can opt for pre-ground beans.

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White coffee is originally from Yemen, which is in the Middle East. It’s said that coffee trade originated in Yemen. Sadly this nation is currently entangled in a civil war.

In Yemen, the beverage is served with Hawaij; ( Its English translation is mixture)This is a spice made up of black pepper, cumin, cardamom and turmeric.

How About the Taste and Aroma?

Thanks to roasting at low temperatures the after taste tinge of bitterness is removed as the low heat does not allow natural sugar to caramelize.

In addition, the short roast duration does not allow the organic acid present in coffee bean to evaporate, leaving it with an acidic flavor. This is why many who partake it for the first time will notice the bolder taste, stronger than the normal brew.

However, the short roasting leaves bean with a distinctive original bean flavor that is nutty similar to peanuts.

The Difference Between White coffee and Regular Coffee

As earlier mentioned white coffee has a distinctive taste compared to the regular coffee. The other main difference are as highlighted below.


It’s not surprising to find some white coffee brands with a label showing  “50% more caffeine” This however debatable based on personal caffeine experience.

As you are aware the duration of roasting and the temperature determines the caffeine level. This is because, caffeine in coffee is measured by its density. This means the longer the duration of roasting the lesser the caffeine content.

White coffee is most dense as its barely roasted, therefore has the highest amount of caffeine.

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Lastly the type of bean used will determine the caffeine level .Different brands have there preferred varieties.


Being a light roast, white coffee is bound to be more acidic than a dark roast. This is because the organic acidic content is burned off as the roasting continues.

Please note that coffee acidity does not refer to the PH level but rather the sweetness, bitterness, aroma and the after taste.

Lets not forget that another major factor that determines acidity in coffee is the origin of the bean. Coffee bean grown in low altitude tend to be less acidic.

Check out our post on Low acidic coffee brands to soothe your stomach.


We have mentioned that the bean are roasted at lower temperature and within a short period of time as result they have a hardened texture.

Because of the hardened texture its not possible to grind using the normal home grinder. You are better of getting yourself a bag of pre-ground beans.

Espresso Machine Brewing

Expresso coffee maker

It’s known to yield the best result when brewing white coffee.

One thing to remember is that this type of ground expands when brewing using an espresso machine hence the need to use fewer ground.

The heat and pressure from the espresso helps to produces a rich flavor.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to tamping down the grind. Those against tamping will say that the whole process is messy, while those for it say that tamping helps in water absorption as white coffee ground beans are gritty and hardy.

Drip Maker Brewing

drip maker

When brewing with a drip maker, it’s prudent to add the regular coffee ground. This is because drip makers tend to produce a thin and watery drink.

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Alternatively, you can ran the water dump it out and repeat the process.

French Press Brewing

french press

When making a white roast drink with a french press make sure that the ground set for longer than usual.

Make sure that you steep it for 10 minutes

Do not worry about the coffee being bitter if it sits for long as this only happens when using dark roast

Where Can I Buy White Coffee Beans?

Tired of visiting your local coffee shop to get a fix of your favorite white coffee drink ?

Many brands are now offering this type of coffee.

1.Poverty Bay White Tornado White Coffee -Pre Ground Only

poverty bay white coffee 1

The poverty Bay guys market this brand as coffee for the extreme coffee lover because of the high caffeine levels which translates into high energy boost.

The beans are roasted at 325 degree giving it a nutty sweet and mellow finish

2.Alaska Artisan Coffee – Pre Ground Only

Alaskan Artisan Coffee White Coffee

Alaskan artisan coffee is produced by a family compnay in Palmer, Alaska.

This caffeinated white roast is available in 5oz, 12oz, 32oz, 5lb or 8lb bag.

White Coffee Variants


This Malaysians variant is known as ipoh. Its not similar to white coffee.

Ipoh has a sweet taste.When roasting the bean is mixed with palm oil and it is served with condensed milk.


Locally known as  kopi putih .Its preparation is similar to white coffee as the roasting duration is short.


This caffeine free coffee is made by mixing warm water with orange blossom.

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