May 24, 2022

2021: TSC TPAD 2 APPRAISAL: How To Undertake Your Appraisal On TPAD – tpad2


The Appraisal Procedure on TPAD


30 30 minutes

Login to www/


– Select your job position, i.e., Teacher/Deputy, Head of an institution, Curriculum Support Office, etc
– Enter TSC Number, ID number, and password
– Click on the captcha box and also click on the login button.
A dashboard opens with a summary of your TSC details and appraisal activities of the progress.

Starting Appraisal on TPAD 2 – tpad2

– Go to the self-appraisal menu to review the self-assessment and lesson observation menu
– Click on the self-assessment and lesson observation menu
– Click on the self-assessment menu to open your self-assessment page
– You can now click on the new appraisal to open the appraisal detail pop-up.
– Once the pop up is active, select the year and term of appraisal, then click on the save appraisal button
– Go to the newly created appraisal and click on the proceed appraisal button to begin updating your appraisal
– The update appraisal page will appear showing the main TPAD assessment areas, which include the teaching standard, learners progress, and lesson attendance

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Updating The Teaching Standard on TPAD 2 – tpad2

– Click on the updated standard, click on the update standard button, and select the institution’s teaching standard.
– This will load all the teaching standard specific to that type of institution
– To rate each standard, click on new to rating to open the standard rating page
– Go to each target and click add weight button. Enter weight based on your performance indicators and enter any evidence available.
– If you have any performance gap on this target, click on the yes I have a button to open a pop-up dialogue box.
– Select the gap category and the gap sub-category from the dropdown menu from that particular target.
– Put your comments on the targets. Once done, click on the next standard button to go back to the teaching standard page
– Repeat this process on all the teaching standards. Once done, the status of each of all the standard will turn from yellow to green,
indicating successful completion, then save
– Once done, click back to appraisal to go back to the appraisal update page

Updating The Learners Progress on TPAD 2 – tpad2

– Click on the update progress to update the learner’s progress records throughout the term.
– Select the type of learners progress you are assessing, e.g., CBC learners progress, special needs learners, and regular learners progress
– Select set subject targets to open a pop-up dialogue to add learner progress record
– Select the class
– Select the subject
– Select the target mean score
– Save the records

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Editing The Leaners Progress Record on TPAD 2

– Click on the update button and a pop-up will come to enable you edit any of the records for the whole term
– Click on the save record button to finish

Viewing Attendance Record on TPAD 2 – tpad2

– Click on view attendance button to view your lesson attendance record.
Note that the attendance record are added by your supervisor
– Once you are done viewing the attendance record, click on back to the appraisal button

How To Review Appraisal on TPAD 2 -tpad2

– To review appraisal on TPAD 2, click on view/submit appraisal, verify that all the data you have put is correct. Once satisfied, click on
submit an appraisal to submit your appraisal to your supervisor.
– You will receive a notification through your notification tab on the progress of your appraisal review and when the appraisal meeting will
be set

How To Request for Lesson Observation on TPAD 2 – tpad2

– You can request for a lesson observation by going to the self appraisal menu and clicking on the lesson observation tab.
– To open your lesson observation page click on the new request to open lesson observation pop-up .
– Make your request and click on send request
– To view the lesson observations records, click on the view buttons

How To Undertake Teacher Professional Development On TPAD -tpad2

– To undertake the teacher professional development based on the gaps identified, go back to the TPAD menu and click on TPAD plan to
open the appraisal based TPD page showing all your appraisal gaps
– Click view to open the appraisal gap identified
– To add a new intervention, click new intervention, and a pop-up dialogue box will appear

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How To Check for Zonal or Institutional Interventions Set By Your Head of institution

– Click on the institution and zonal or sub-county intervention tab to check on any intervention set by your head of institution or curriculum
support officer
– To add your intervention, click on the personal intervention tab
– Put in the type of intervention
– Add the start date and the end date and click submit
– To update on the gap category, click update and add the relevant intervention for each performance gap and click save

How To Use The TPD Module

Go to the TPD modules where you can do the following
– Enroll for a course
– Get feedback
– Do an assessment
– Print certificates for all the intervention and courses undertaken

The Importance of TPAD And Why It Was Developedtpad2

The Teachers Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) tpad2 process aims to improve and review teaching standards through a structured appraisal approach to evaluate performance and promote professional development for improved learning outcomes.

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