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2021:Antenatal And Maternity Charges In Nairobi: The Best Maternity Packages


Pregnancy is an exciting journey with its fair share of uncertainty. Getting a comprehensive article on the antenatal and maternity charges or cost in Nairobi can help ease the uncertainty by helping you plan and budget accordingly.

If you were shopping around for the best antenatal and maternity packages then you are at the right place. This article Will inform you of the best maternity packages that you can find in Nairobi.

We will go into details and inform you of Normal Delivery Cost, Caesarian section costs, Midwife Delivery Charges, Obstetrician Delivery charges where applicable, various room charges, and much more

On top of the list is Nairobi hospital.

1.The Nairobi Hospital.

The Nairobi Hospital

The Nairobi Hospital is a leading privately owned hospital in East and Central Africa.

Located in Upper hill along Valley Road and Arwings Kodhek Road

The Antenatal package

What does the Antenatal Package cover ?

The antenatal package is kshs.60,0000 and it covers the following:

  •    6 Antenatal visits
  •   2 Postnatal visit by the doctor after CS at 2 weeks & 6 weeks
  •   1 Neo-natal baby visit (at 2 weeks old)
  •   Pre-natal investigations i.e. Laboratory tests & 2 ultrasound scans
  •  1 postnatal visit by the doctor (after Normal delivery at 6 weeks)
  •  1 physiotherapy session
maternity package

What is the cost of a normal delivery and what is included in the package ?

A normal delivery package at Nairobi Hospital is kshs.90,000 and it includes the following:

  • Obstetricians, Paediatricians & Resident Registrar fee
  • Post-natal investigations i.e. Laboratory tests
  • Normal ward bed for 2 days
  • Nursery charges for 2 days with vaccinations
  • 1 physiotherapy session postnatal

What is the price of the Caesarean Section Package in Nairobi Hospital?

The maternity package at Nairobi hospital that includes the Caesarean Section package costs around kshs.190,000 includes the following.

  • Obstetricians, Paediatricians & Resident Registrar fee
  • Post-natal investigations i.e. Laboratory tests
  • Anesthetic fees
  • Theatre fee
  • physiotherapy session postnatal
  • Normal ward bed for three days
  • Nursery charges for 3 days with vaccinations

In addition, the hospital also offers 6 sessions, Lamaze classes, at kshs.12,000.

For any further inquiries, please contact

Anderson Specialty Clinics

Argwings Kodhek Rd, Anderson Centre, 1st floor

Tel: +254 730 666 860/1/2/7


TIP -Package rates are net of NHIF. If you are not an NHIF member you will be charged the bed rebate of Kshs. 4,000.

2.MP Shah Hospital


MP Shah is another hospital that has a maternity package that can be considered to be among the best maternity packages with different antenatal and maternity charges to choose from.

It boasts of an experienced select group of doctors, nurses, and support staff and the best labour rooms to guarantee your comfort and reassurance during childbirth.

You have a choice of choosing either hospital doctor based care , elective caesarian section,midwifery, and epidural

MP SHAH Antenal Package

image 2
MP Shah Antenatal Package

The kshs.28,000 antenatal package includes One (1) Ultra Sound and eight (8) antenatal visits with specialized gynecologists and obstetricians

What is the cost of normal delivery at MP Shah Hospital ?

The MP Shah hospital maternity package for normal delivery costs kshs.99,000

image 3
Mp Shah Normal delivery package

The kshs.99,000 normal delivery package includes hospitalization, Sterilisation charges, nursing charges, doctor’s visit, Labour room charges, delivery charges, Non-stress tests, CSSD and drugs, pediatrician’s charges, baby bills and Receiving of the baby.

The Caesarean Section – Maternity Package

image 1
The Caesarean Section Package


The antenatal care package is applicable to cash payers who must pay the full amount in advance to qualify.

For any further inquiries, please contact

Mp Shah Hospital

Tel: +254 20 4291 100


3.The Aga Khan University Hospital

agha khan hospital

The antenatal and maternity package at Agha Khan hospital is among the best maternity packages in Nairobi. The maternity packages at Agha khan hospital are costly compared to Nairobi Hospital and MP Shah

The Antenatal services are offered either as:

  • Antenatal Package – You will be required to pay a fee of Kshs 40,250.00 for corporates and 36,750 cash payers. The package covers 8 visits, antenatal profile two scans;  blood test at 32weeks, and glucose tolerance.
  • Antenatal Consultation – You will pay Kshs.3,100/- for the initial visit and kshs 3,100/- for any other subsequent visit and the normal fee for service rates for other services.

Agha Khan Hospital Maternity Package

The below charges  under Private Doctors are exclusive of 
 Obstetrician, Pediatrician, and Anaesthetist.
 The estimates for 1,2 and 3 fall under admission in a ;
* General Ward Bed – Mothers
*  General Nursery Cot – Baby
Please note:
* Executive charges are also based on  a general ward bed and general  baby cot
* Cash payers will require a minimum deposit of kes. 80,000  for normal delivery 
 and kes. 100,000 for  Caesarian Section upon admission
* All corporates shall require booking letters upon admission
The normal delivery estimate is for 2 nights, C/S is 3 nights.
1Normal Delivery (Faculty ) (+ or -) 190,000.00 
C/Section Delivery (Faculty) (+ or -) 310,000.00 
2Normal Delivery (Private Doctor) (+ or -) 155,000.00 
C/Section Delivery (Private Doctor) (+ or -) 215,000.00 
3Normal Delivery (Executive)(+or -) 260,000.00
C/section  Delivery (Executive)(+ or -) 370,000.00
4Princess Zahra (Normal Delivery Faculty) (+or -)  290,000.00 
Princess Zahra (C/section Delivery Faculty) (+or -) 410,000.00 
5Princess Zahra (Normal Delivery Private Doctor) (+ or -) 240,000.00 
Princess Zahra (C/section Delivery Private Doctor) (+ or -) 350,000.00 

The Bed charges per day are as follows

General Ward Bed11,700
Private Room 31,800
Private Room  – Standard (Princess Zahra)39,400
Private Room- Executive (Princess Zahra)63,150
Bed Charges per day
Baby Cot
Nursery General4,600
Nursery Private  Wing9,400
Baby cot charges per day

Daily Doctors Fee

Pediatrician – Baby/ per day
Pediatrician charges
Receiving fees
Normal delivery10,150
C-Section delivery14,500
EPIDURAL (normal delivery) 70,000.00 
BIRTH POOL (normal delivery)9,350


You are required to pay a deposit of Kshs. 80,000.00 for normal delivery or Kshs, 100,000.00 for elective caesarian section.  You will be required to pay the balance on the bill before financial discharge is granted.

FOR ANY INQUIRIES CALL 0731 00 92 75 or 071109200/1/2/3

4.The Nairobi Women Hospital


The Nairobi Women’s Hospital has 9 branches conveniently located hospitals in Hurlingham, Adams, Ongata-Rongai, Kitengela, Nakuru Hyrax, Nakuru CBD, Naivasha, Meru & Mombasa.

The Cost of maternity in Nairobi Women’s Hospital

Nairobi Women hospital has the most affordable package Compared to the other four hospitals mentioned earlier.

The hospital has three normal delivery packages i.e Mid-wife delivery package, Mid-wife delivery package Plus and Obstetrician Delivery Package

Mid-wife Delivery Package – Ksh 30,000


Delivery (delivery room and nursing charges)
Ward bed up to two days for mother and baby
Medical officer ward review
Drugs and dressings
Initial immunization for BCG & Polio

Mid-wife Delivery Package PLUS- Ksh 40,000

Has all the benefits under Mid-wife delivery package plus :

1 x Obstetrician ward review
1 x Paediatrician examination

Obstetrician Delivery Package- Ksh 64,000

This package has delivery by our resident obstetrician, plus:

Delivery (delivery room and nursing charges)
Ward bed up to two days for mother and baby
Medical officer ward review
Drugs and dressings
Initial immunization for BCG & Polio

1 x Obstetrician ward review
1 x Paediatrician examination

Caesarean Delivery Package – Ksh 145,000

Elective or Emergency Caesarean Section Package


Theatre charges
4 days ward stay
One day nursery stay
2 x Obstetrician ward reviews
1 x Paediatrician review
Ward drugs and dressings
Initial immunization as per the KEPI schedule; BCG & Polio


5.The Mater Hospital

mater hospital

Mater Hospital maternity package The Mater hospital along Dunga Road in South B area in Nairobi.

The Mater hospital is owned by the Catholic nuns who are committed to ensuring that patients always get the best. The Maternity charges for normal delivery are Kshs. 60,000 while caesarian costs Kshs. 165,000. The package includes antenatal visits, delivery, and postnatal care.

For any further inquiries, please contact


Tel :+254 719073000

6.Nairobi West Hospital Maternity Package

Nairobi West Hopital

Normal Delivery

The Nairobi West Hospital Maternity Package for normal delivery is kshs.55,000 and includes the following:

  • 2 Days stay at the hospital
  • Diagnostic lab
  • 2 Pediatrician reviews
  • 3 Gynecologists’ reviews
  • Consumables
  • Immunization – BCG, Polio, Hep B
  • Hospitalization during hospital stay and discharge
  • Accommodation to a room of your choice
  • All ensuite

Caesarian Section

The Nairobi West Hospital maternity charges for a Caesarian section is Kshs.168,000 and includes the following

  • 4 days stay in hospital
  • Diagnostics(Lab and Ultrasound)
  • 4 Pediatrician reviews
  • 4 gynecological reviews
  • Consumables
  • Immunization-BCG, Polio, HEP B
  • Surgeon Fees
  • Theatre fees
  • Anesthetist fees
  • Theatre consumables
  • Medication during hospital stay and discharge
  • Accommodation to the room of your choice
  • All rooms ensuite
About Nairobi West Hospital

For any further inquiries, please contact

The Nairobi West HospitalGandhi Ave, Nairobi, Kenya

Tel No :0730600000

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