How To Get Listed On Google Maps and Google My Business


Are you looking to tap into the 2 billion monthly visits local business websites receive according to Google?

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get your business listed on Google Maps and Google My Business so you can start capturing some of that traffic.

We are going to take you through three scenarios on how you can get to google my business.

  • New Business – Businesses that have been around for less than six months
  • Listing unclaimed– Having an unclaimed listing. We will show you how to claim it.
  • The listing claimed – Having a claimed listing that has issues such as a forgotten password.


When a query is performed on google, it implies that local results should be shown. Therefore, the search engine populates a map pack of three local results. Therefore, the map pack is also known as the google three-pack.


On the other hand, a search for specific business information about that business is shown in the right panel. The information is sourced from google my business.

google map 2 min 1

If you have a business that caters to the local, then the chances are that you can get listed on google my business, and as earlier mentioned, this can bring you a ton of traffic.


15 Minutes

Go To My business Home Page

How to list on google my business

Go to google my business home page and click on manage now

Sign in with a Gmail account that you own and click on the Next button

listed on google map

You have to remember the Gmail account that you use to register as this is going to be the primary owner of this listing.

Click on the get started button

listed in google map

Click on the get started button

Enter business name

listed on google map

Start typing in the name of your business. Google my business will attempt to locate the name of your listing, but since your business is absolutely brand new, its likely don’t have one yet
Click on ” Create a business with this name “

Choose a category

how to get listed on google map and google my business

Choose a business category that matches your business. If multiple categories match your business, you can add them later on once your listing has been verified.
Once you have chosen your category on google my business, click on next.

Adding location

listed on google my business

This next step depends a lot on what type of business you run, i.e., if you have a physical store /location, then you click on Yes, but if you are a service provider with no physical store, then click no.

Enter Address

How to add on google map

Enter address and next if you answered Yes in the previous step.
If you are displaying an address, you might be asked to point to the exact spot where your business is located on google maps; once done, click on next.
If you are not showing your address, you will be asked to provide your business phone number and website.
If you are showing your address, you will be asked if you are serving customers outside of your location, and if you are not showing your address, you will be asked if you want to get updates and recommendations on Google, as shown in the next step below.

To get updates

google map

Click yes to get updates and recommendation from google

Finishing and verification

google my business

If you are showing your address, you will be prompted to verify via postcard. The address will not be shown but is required for the verification.


listing unclaimed business

If you have a business that has been in operation for more than 6 months, the chances are that you might already have the business automatically listed on google my business.

Go to Google Maps and perform a search for your business name

google my business

If a listing shows up indicating claim this business, then claim it, you will be asked to verify if the information is up to date.
If you see your business and a label indicating manage this listing, you can proceed directly to scenario three shown in the next step below.


google my business

Go to Google Maps and perform a search for your business. Within the panel, you will see ” suggest an edit – Own this business ?”
Select own this business, Google will then show the first two characters of the email address that own the listing; sometimes, this may refresh your memory with the email address that you used a long time ago to claim the listing, but if you do not know the email address click on the Request Access.

Check the box to share info

google map

Check the box to shares the info with the current owner and managers of the listing. For the level of access, choose ownership. After that, you can provide your name, phone number and click submit.
After submission, the current owner of the listing will get an email to confirm if the request is valid, and you will also get a confirmation email.
The current owner will have three days to reply to your request. After that, if the request is approved, you will get another confirmation email.
If the request is denied, you will have to contact google my business support through their help center.
If the current owner fails to reply within 3 days, you will be given the option of claiming the business. Once you get access to the listing, you can add or limit user access to the listing.

Congratulation your business is now listed on google maps and google my business.


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