May 25, 2022

How To Apply For a Birth Certificate Online In Kenya: Step By Step Process

How To Apply for a birth certificate online

If you were planning to apply for a birth certificate online in Kenya, stick around for a while. And we will show you how to apply for a birth certificate on ecitizen.

Before we proceed, let first understand the importance of applying for a birth certificate and the requirements for applying for a birth certificate.

What Is The Importance Of Having a Birth Certificate In Kenya ?

The birth certificate is used to prove one’s identity and nationality and comes in handy when acquiring government documents such as National Identification Card (I.D), Passport, Visa application.

What Are The Requirements For Birth Certificate Application In kenya ?

  • Scanned copy of birth notifcation
  • Scanned copy of the national I.D for applicant above 18 years ( Late registration)
  • Scanned copy of the parents I.D
  • For replacements,scanned copy of the original birth certifcate
  • Mpesa payment of kshs.180

How To Apply For a Birth Certificate Online In Kenya

How To Apply Birth Certificate Online

How To Apply For Birth Certificate On ecitizen


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How To Apply For Birth Certificate on ecitizen

How To Apply For Birth Certificate on ecitizen

Total Time: 10 minutes

Log on to ecitizen portal.

image 52 min 1

Click on Service and further click on Civil registration services and birth certificate.

Enter Your Credential

birth cert app step one

Enter your I.D number or Email and Password

Making Application

step 3

Click on the make application button

Click on the birth certificate
Applying birth certificate on ecitizen

step 4

Click on the birth certificate

Click on the application for the child current birth certificate

step 5 min

From the three options, click on the option highlighted

Click on apply now

How To Apply for birth certificate on ecitizen

Ensure that the necessary attachments are in PDF

Choose the appropriate choice

birth certificate

Step 1-Choose the details on the drop-down menu as shown above.

Kenya Birth certificate application

Step 2 – Choose county of birth, Enter notification No, attach the pdf format birth notification, child’s name, date of birth, and gender.

Enter parent details

STEP 11 1

Still under step 2-Enter the appropriate detail of the other parent if not a single parent.

Review Your Entry

STEP 12 2

Enter submit after reviewing the details


how to apply for birth certificate

Choose the preferred payment method and proceed to make payment

Preview of the birth certificate application

online birth certificate application

Application preview

What Is a Late Birth certificate Registration?

Any birth that has not been registered or notification not done with the immigration department within 6 Months is considered late registration.

What Are The Documents Required For Late Birth Registration

1.National ID Card.
2.Copies of your parents National ID Cards, birth certificates, or passports.
3.In the absence of your parents national I.D a printout from the National Registration Bureau will suffice
4.Class 8 of Form 4 leaving certificate
5.An employer letter indicating the date of birth
6.Baptismal card
7. Duly filled application for registration of late birth

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