May 24, 2022

5 Tips On How To Pick The Right Hostel For A Student On A Budget


Introduction: What is a Student Hostel?

Student hostels are types of residences that provide accommodation specifically to students. They are available as single rooms or shared.

The Hostels provide budget accommodations for students and are sometimes cheaper than the normal rentals as they offer additional benefits such as breakfast, lunch, and even supper. This is, of course, at an additional cost.

What to Look for When Deciding Which Hostel to Choose

Finding a good hostel in a convenient location and at an affordable cost can be tough for a student, especially if you are new to the town or city.

Since this is going to be your next home as a student its imperative to understand that you choose a hostel that will

1. Decide Your Budget


The first step to picking the right hostel is defining how much you can afford to spend. Keep in mind that some of the best hostels are not necessarily cheap.

However, thanks to the stiff competition in the hostel industry. Many hostels are offering various amenities at an affordable rate.

Once you’ve decided on these basics amenities that you cannot do without, do some research on a range of hostels in your desired area so that you can find one that suits your needs perfectly.

2. Consider the Location


This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a hostel for a student. You don’t want to waste time in traffic moving between college and the hostel. The location can affect the quality of your hostel experience and even your studies.

The location should be the first thing to consider even before the price. For example, you don’t want a hostel in a party location with a lot of nightlife as this will definitely affect your studies.

Lastly, the right hostel for a student should be in a secure location as safety should be your number one priority. This should also apply to the safety of your valuables within the hostel facility. The hostel should have CCTV cameras installed to monitor activities within the facility to deter loss of valuables.

3. Find out what the Amenities are Like


This should be a deal-breaker, any hostel that lacks basic amenities such as laundry facilities, Hot shower, kitchen facilities, a common area where you can relax, availability of water 24/7, backup generator in case of a blackout.

4. Scope Out the Reviews and Testimonials from fellow student

image 87 min
Review and testimonial

Considering the issues mentioned above when choosing a hostel and you’ve narrowed down your top picks, it’s time to scope out the reviews and testimonials of each establishment.

This will help you narrow down your options much more quickly than if you had no idea where to begin.

Feedback from your fellow student and recommendations from your college, if any, should help out on this.

5. Free Wifi

WIFI min
Free Wifi

Though not on top of the priority list for many people, free Wi-Fi comes in handy as it will help you save on the money you spend on buying data.


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