May 24, 2022

5 Of The Best Leasing Companies in Kenya

leasing companies kenya

The list focuses on companies that provide cost-efficient rental/leasing solutions for a broad range of resources. Examples include vehicles, industrial equipment, medical equipment, office furniture, and construction equipment.

This post features only the best leasing companies in Kenya that have a proven capability to help businesses achieve their goal.

Leasing has become a solution to many businesses before and after the pandemic. Many companies have struggled with capital expenditure, and this has become even more obvious after the pandemic due to limited cash reserve due to the business disruption occasioned by the pandemic.

Companies have opted for leasing as a viable means of business continuity to avoid obsolescence and reduced productivity due to lack of equipment.

Before we delve into the list of leasing companies in Kenya, let us first understand the benefits of leasing and the types of leases available

Benefits of Leasing

Tax Benefits

Lease payments qualify as expenses hence fully deductible on the pieces of equipment your business uses.

Protect Your Cash Flow and Save

Leasing enables the business to maintain a healthy bottom line and preserve cash for urgent business needs. This is not the case when companies spend money upfront to acquire assets.

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With leasing, companies work on payment plans around their needs and budget.

Staying Competitive

In comparison to purchasing new equipment, leasing offers an affordable way to upgrade to newer equipment and technology at an affordable price while staying ahead of the competition.

Types of Leases

Straight Lease

With this arrangement, ownership of the leased items is still with the leasing company while the business uses the leased items.

Sale & Leaseback

In this arrangement, the leasing company purchases existing equipment and rents it back for continued use.

Exchange Plan

The business offers its equipment and machinery that it no longer needs to the leasing company in exchange for equipment that the company needs.

With this arrangement, the business can offload assets that no longer meet the companies needs

5 Best List of leasing companies in Kenya


Rentworks has been a leading leasing company in Kenya for more than 20 years. The company is known for helping businesses achieve their goal.

They offer flexible leasing arrangements and are a reliable asset finance partner.

rentworks leasing company
Rentworks leasing company contact details

2.Simba Corp Leasing

Simba Corp is a locally owned company that has been in existence for over five decades. The company specializes in vehicle leasing of brands such as Mitsubishi, Fuso Trucks and Buses, Mahindra, Proton, Ashok Leyland, SAME Tractors, and others.

They are the pioneers of vehicle leasing in Kenya. In addition to offering flexible leasing arrangements, they offer top-notch maintenance services.

The company has so far leased over 2,000 vehicles in Kenya alone.

Simba corp
Simba corp contacts

3.Vaell Leasing – Vehicle and Equipment Leasing Limited (VAELL)

From leasing industrial equipment, computer, furniture, office equipment, furniture, medical dental, and veterinary equipment. you have all these and much more equipment leased to you by Vaell.

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Established in 2006 the company has grown and currently has subsidiaries in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Zambia Vaell is amongst the best leasing companies in Kenya.

Their portfolio includes clients in Construction & energy manufacturing, Mining, telecommunications, retail, medical and pharmaceutical, Health, Education, Hospitality, and entertainment.

vael leasing
vael leasing

4.Capital Leasing

Capital leasing Ltd helps new and established companies with their financial needs by providing capital for machinery, vehicles, etc.

Capital Leasing Limited ( CLL ) is a Kenyan firm that has heavily invested in technology and human capital to meet its clients’ needs. Their client portfolio includes local and multinational manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, service industries, and aviation companies.

capital leasing
Capital leasing company

5.Star Rentals Ltd

star rentals

Aircraft Leasing Companies In Kenya


This aviation leasing company was established in 1985. The company is based in Wilson airport Nairobi.

ALS aircraft leasing company has over 28 aircraft that include Embraer 145 MP/LR, Embraer 135, Bombardier (Dash 8-Q400), Bombardier (Dash 8-200), Bombardier (Dash 8-100), Beechcraft 1900, and Cessna Caravan

In addition to aircraft leasing ALS also offers the following services: – Aircraft maintenance, Executive and VIP Charter flights, Corporate Charters, Ambulance/Evacuation flights, Helicopter services, and Executive and VIP Charter flights.

Motorbike Leasing Companies In Kenya

1.i Ride Nairobi


The Alchemist
Parklands Rd – Westlands
Tel/Whatsapp: +254 794592350

The bikes available for rentals include the following

  • WEGO 110 – Scooter available at 20 Usd per day ( Engine size: 110cc Max speed: 85 kph) – Click here to book
  • BOXER X150 – available at 20 Usd per day (Engine size: 150cc Max speed: 100 kph)- Click here to book
  • KIBO K250 – available at 35 Usd per day (Engine size: 250cc Max speed: 120 kph) – Click here to book
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In addition to offering motorbike leasing services in Kenya, the company also offers the following services

  • Motor Cycle lessons
  • Provide free emergency support
  • Travel advise

The motorbike rental requirements include a valid driving license, passport/national I.D, Deposit, and finally location of residence.

2.Kenya Motor Bike Hire

Portal Place Building 4th Floor Room 410 A Muindu Mbingu street

Call/Whatsapp +254710189751


Summary of The Benefits of Leasing

  • Minimal Cash Outlay
  • Overcoming Budgetary Limitations
  • Avoidance of Obsolescence
  • Conservation of the Business’ Working Capital
  • Tax Benefits

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