May 25, 2022

All You Need To Know About Gotv Packages

all about GOTV

This article will answer all the questions you have about Gotv Packages.

Gotv currently has 5 packages, as detailed below.

Gotv Supa 73 plus channels 1499
Gotv Max 50 plus channels 1150
Gotv Plus 40 plus channels 870
Gotv Value 30 plus channels
Gotv Lite 20 plus channels 265

Which gotv package shows premier league

The following channels show a few selected Premier League games on Gotv

  • Gotv Supa – Channels showing premier league games include – SS football,SS SELECT 1, SS SELECT 2,
  • Gotv Max – Channels showing premier league games include – SS football,SS SELECT 1, SS SELECT 2,
  • Gotv Plus – Channels showing premier league games include – SS SELECT 2,
  • Gotv Value – Channels showing premier league games include – SS SELECT 2,

Which Gotv Package Has Zee world

Zee world on Gotv is available on Gotv Supa, Gotv Max, and Gotv Plus

Which Gotv Package Shows Big Brother

The big brother show is only available on channel 198 on Gotv Supa and Gotv Max.

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The Big Brother Naija highlights and evictions are available on Africa Magic Showcase, Africa Magic Family, and Africa Magic Urban.

The show is also available on the following DSTV packages.

  • DSTV Premium
  • DSTV Compact Plus
  • DSTV Compact
  • DSTV Family
  • DSTV Access

Are Gotv Channels HD

The new GOtv decoders are now full HD (1080i), similar to DStv decoders.

How Much are Gotv Packages In Zambia

The Gotv Packages Prices In Zambia are as follows

  • GOTVMAX – Gotv Max Bouquet – Price – ZMW195
  • GOTV Plus Bouquet – Price – ZMW135
  • GOTV Value Bouquet – Price – ZMW80
  • GOtv Lite (Annual) – Price – ZMW440

How Much are Gotv Packages In Uganda

The following are the Gotv Packages and Prices In Uganda

Package GOtv Lite (Annual) GOtv MaxGOtv LiteGOtv PlusGOtv Lite (Monthly)
PriceUGX 84000UGX 42000UGX 31000UGX 29000UGX 13000
Number of Channels2056 40 4620
Table of Gotv Packages and Prices In Uganda

Can i Watch Gotv On My Phone

Yes, it is possible to watch Gotv on your mobile phone on Android and Apple phones.

In addition to your mobile phone, you can also watch Gotv on the devices mentioned below.

  1. Walka – Portable pocket size TV
  2. Drifta Wifi – This a decoder that converts DVB-H signal into a Wi-Fi signal enable viewing through mobile devices such as smartphones ,laptops and tablets.
  3. Drifta USB – This a another mobile TV decoder cable of receiving DVB-H signal for viewing on PCs and laptops . GHS 118
  4. iDrifta – This is a mobile TV decoder specically made for IOS devices.

How To Activate Your GOtv Mobile Device

  • SMS the word ” ACTM CASnumber yourcellphonenumber “ to 4688
  • CAS number begins with 4 and is found on the back of your GOtv Mobile device.
  • For example, SMS ACTM4123456 0244153458
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Can i Use Gotv Antenna for Startimes Decoder

Yes, you can. Gotv Antenna is compatible for use with Startimes Decoders

Can i Pay Gotv Weekly

No, you cannot pay for Gotv weekly it is only available for monthly, quarterly, or annual payments.

Weekly payments are only available on Gotv’s competitor Startimes TV

Can i Subscribe Gotv With Airtime

You currently cannot subscribe to Gotv with airtime.

The payment methods currently available for GOTV Nigeria are

1. FCMB – fill a form at the FCMB – inputting your name, phone number, and IUC number.

2. Zenith Bank Nigeria mobile banking App

3. PAGA MOBILE – To pay with this Mobile payment method, log on to, fill in your details, and click “go”

4.KongaPay – Gotv Subscription payment through Konga Pay can be made via their mobile app or website:

Select services and bills and click on TV subscription to choose GOtv subscription and input your smart card number.

Your details and current bouquet plan are automatically captured on the screen. To change the current plan, select the bouquet drop-down menu and choose the preferred bouquet.

You can select automatic monthly renewal by selecting *Auto-renew every month* 

To complete the transaction, Select *Pay* and input your KongaPay pin and OTP sent to your phone

5.Baxi Box agents across the country

6.Stanbic Mobile

USSD: Dial *909# on your mobile phone and send Select ‘4’ and press Register. Provide customer information required on each field and send.

Can Gotv Work With Dstv Dish

No, Gotv cannot work with Dstv Dish. This is because of different modes of transmission. Gotv uses terrestrial transmission while DSTV uses digital satelite transmission.

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Can Gotv Work Without Smart Card

Gotv does not require a smart card to work. Instead of a smart card number, GOTV uses an IUC number which can be found is at the back of the decoder.

Should Gotv Antenna Be On or Off

Active antenna power should be off 

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