May 25, 2022

The Complete Guide to the Top Esports Teams and What It Takes To Be Pro Gamer

esport team

Introduction: What is an esports team and what are they?

Esports is a global phenomenon that has been gaining popularity in the last few years. The teams are made up of professional gamers who compete in video game tournaments for money and fame.

Esports teams are becoming increasingly popular, with more and more people tuning into watch them on TV or streaming their games online.

This article will look at the most valuable esport teams in 2022 and what it takes to be a Pro gamer

8 Top Esports Teams In The World

1.Team Liquid

team liquid
Team Liquid

This is one of the top Esport teams in the world. The team was founded in the year 2000.

Team Liquid has taken part in over 1968 games raking in $37,328,890.67 in prize money they are clearly the best Esport team in the world.

known for their dominance of Dota 2, StarCraft II, and League of Legends

Top 10 Team Liquid Team Members

Player ID Player Name
1. MinD_ContRoLIvan Ivanov
2. KuroKyKuro Takhasomi
3. GHMaroun Merhej
4. Miracle-Amer Al-Barkawi
5. MatumbamanLasse Urpalainen
6. ELiGEJonathan Jablonowski
7. w33Aliwi Omar
8. nitr0Nicholas Cannella
9. NAFKeith Markovic
10. TwistzzRussel Van Dulken



The OG was formed in 2015 in Ukraine and is among the best esport teams in the world.

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Team OG has taken part in over 126 tournaments and has earned over games $35,717,823 in the process.

Some of the top games for the OG team include Dota 2,Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Super Smash Bros.Melee

Top 10 O.G Team Members

 Player IDPlayer Name
1. N0tailJohan Sundstein
2. JerAxJesse Vainikka
3. anaAnathan Pham
4. CebSébastien Debs
5. TopsonTopias Taavitsainen
6. FlyTal Aizik
7. s4Gustav Magnusson
8. Cr1tAndreas Nielsen
9. Miracle-Amer Al-Barkawi
10. MoonMeanderDavid Tan
Top 10 O.G Team Members

3.Evil Geniuses

evil geniuses
Evil Geniuses

The group was formed in 1999 and has grown to be among the biggest espot teams in the world.

The team has participated in over 906 tournament earing over $25,589,757.09

Some of the top games for the Evil Geniuses team include Dota 2,Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,Rainbow Six Siege,Call of Duty: World War II

Top 10 Evil Geniuses Team Members

 Player IDPlayer Name
1. SumaiLSumail Hassan
2. UNiVeRsESaahil Arora
3. ppdPeter Dager
4. FearClinton Loomis
5. ArteezyArtour Babaev
6. Aui_2000Kurtis Ling
7. Cr1tAndreas Nielsen
8. FlyTal Aizik
9. ZaiLudwig Wåhlberg
10. s4Gustav Magnusson
Top 10 Evil Geniuses Team Members


virtus pro

Founded in 2003. It is the most decorated Russian esports club.

Virtus.Pro team has participated in over 570 tournaments earning over $18,206,325.79 

Some of the top games for the Virtus. Pro team includes Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Player unknown battlegrounds, Counterstrike, Fortnite, Hearth, Rainbow six siege.

Top 10 Virtus.Pro Team Members

 Player IDPlayer Name
1. NooneVladimir Minenko
2. SoloAleksey Berezin
3. RAMZES666Roman Kushnarev
4. 9pashaPavel Khvastunov
5. RodjERVladimir Nikogosyan
6. LilIlya Ilyuk
7. snaxJanusz Pogorzelski
8. neoFilip Kubski
9. pashaBicepsJarosław Jarząbkowski
Top 10 Virtus.Pro Team Members

5.Team Spirit

team spirit images

Team Spirit is another top esport team from Russia. The team was founded in 2015.

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Team spirit has participated in over 163 tournaments earning over $19,913,522.11 

Team spirit is currently competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Hearthstone

Top 10 Team Spirit Team Members

 Player IDPlayer Name
1. CollapseMagomed Khalilov
2. MiposhkaYaroslav Naidenov
3. TORONTOTOKYOAlexander Khertek
4. YatoroIlya Mulyarchuk
5. MiraMiroslaw Kolpakov
6. SilverNameVladislav Sinotov
7. somedieyoungVictor Orudzhev
8. ShtanUdachiAlexey Barsukov
9. ChopperLeonid Vishnyakov
10. MirNikolay Bityukov

6.Natus Vincere

Founded on 17 December 2009 . Team spirit has participated in over 582 tournaments earning over $17,778,869

Some of the top games for Natus Vincere team includes Counter strike global offensive, Dota 2,world of tanks and Player unknown battlegrounds mobile, Counterstrike, Fortnite, Hearth, Rainbow six siege.

Top 10 Natus Vincere Team Members

 Player IDPlayer Name
1. s1mpleAlexander Kostylev
2. electronicDenis Sharipov
3. Boombl4Kirill Mikhailov
4. PerfectoIlya Zalutskiy
5. flamieEgor Vasilyev
6. B1tValeriy Vakhovskiy
7. DendiDanil Ishutin
8. EdwardIoann Sukharev
9. XBOCTOleksandr Dashkevych
10. ZeusDaniil Teslenko


Fnatic espor team
Fnatics esports team

The esports team Fnatic was founded in 2004. They are one of the best esports Having particpated in 900 tournaments and won over $16,277,772.73 in prize money

They have teams playing League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS: GO.

The sponsors for Fnatic esports include HyperX, SteelSeries, and Monster Energy.

Top 10 Fnatics Team Members

 Player IDPlayer Name
1. DJDjardel Jicko Mampusti
2. KRiMZFreddy Johansson
3. JWJesper Wecksell
4. flushaRobin Rönnquist
5. OhaiyoChong, Xin Khoo
6. GoldenMaikil Selim
7. RekklesMartin Larsson
8. MushiChai, Yee Fung
9. MidOneZheng, Yeik Nai
10. JabzAnucha Jirawong

8.Team Secret

team secret esport team 2022

Team Secret is a successful esports team from Europe. Having played in more than 314 tournaments. Team Secret has won over $12,309,777.66 so far.

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They have teams playing Dota 2, PUBG, Hearthstone, Street Fighter, and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

They have sponsors, including Corsair, Uniswap, Predator, Tumi, Secret Lab, and Jingjibao.

Top 10 Secret Team members

Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1. PuppeyClement Ivanov
2. YapzOrYazied Jaradat
3. ZaiLudwig Wåhlberg
4. NishaMichał Jankowski
5. MidOneZheng, Yeik Nai
6. MatumbamanLasse Urpalainen
7. AceMarcus Hoelgaard
8. FATAAdrian Trinks
9. pieliedieJohan Åström
10. EternaLEnVyJacky Mao

Player Roles in Competitive Gaming & How They Affect Gameplay

A game’s player roles are the jobs assigned to players within a team. These roles affect the gameplay and can be split into two categories: in-game and out-of-game.

In-game roles are the ones that can only be done by a player during their match, such as Carry (highest damage dealer) or Support (healer). Out-of-game roles are those that can be done both in and out of matches, such as drafting strategies or creating team compositions.

The best way to assign these roles is to have one person take on both the drafting and team composition responsibilities while assigning one person each for the other in-game roles. This will help ensure that there is a healthy balance of creativity, strategy, and cohesiveness as a team.

What Kind of Skills Do You Need To Become A Pro Gamer?

In order to become a pro gamer, you need to have the following skills:

– You must be an expert in your chosen game.

– You must be able to maintain a high level of concentration while playing.

– You must have excellent hand-eye coordination.

– You must be able to quickly react and respond to changes on the screen.

– You must be able to work with teammates and cooperate with them during gameplay.

– You need excellent reflexes and reaction time.

– You need good communication skills, both in person and online, so that you can interact with teammates effectively.

Conclusion & Advice for Gamers Seeking Fame & Fortune as a Professional Player

First, you need to know the basics. You should know the game mechanics, what your role is in the game, and what your team’s objective is. It is important to understand the basics because it will help you make better decisions in-game and will allow you to work more efficiently with your teammates.

Second, as a pro gamer, you need to have physical fitness and mental endurance. Professional players are constantly playing games which can be very physically demanding so they need to maintain their physical fitness level at all times. They also need mental endurance because they are constantly playing games that require them to focus for long periods of time without getting distracted or feeling tired.


What are the Benefits of Joining Esports Teams?

The benefits of joining an esports team are many. For one, you will be able to play with other people who share your interests in games. Another benefit is that you will be able to make friends with people who share your interests in games and create communities around them. Joining a team also gives you access to mentors and coaches which can help improve your skills as an esport player as well as provide a sense of community for those who don’t have any friends outside of esports.

Which eSports team is the richest?

 Cloud 9 which has made over of $310 million.

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