How To Check CRB Status on Phone in Kenya : 3 Ways To Check CRB Status

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It’s important to check your CRB status as this helps you as a consumer to know your credit standing whether it’s favourable or not. Financial institution institutions such as banks, Saccos, and mobile lenders use the credit report to determine your ability to pay back loans.

A good credit standing will help you negotiate favorable terms when applying for a loan. This article will show you how to check CRB status on the phone.

What Is CRB ?

CBB in full means credit reference bureau (CRB). These are institutions licensed and regulated by the Central Bank Of Kenya (CBK) to store your credit information.

How CRB Gets your Credit Status

When you sign up for a loan facility one of the terms and conditions is that you permit the lender to share your credit payment information with the CRB.

The three Licence Credit Reference Bureau in Kenya Include.

  • TransUnion (CRB Africa)
  • Metropol Corporation
  • CreditInfo

Ways On How To Check CRB status on Phone when using Metropal

  1. Pay Ksh.50 through PayBill Number 220388
  2. You will use your ID number as Account Number
  3. A confirmation message will be sent to your phone .It contains unique code details, a Reference Number, and a particular link.
  4. Dial *433# After registration,
  5. Input your Identification Number.
  6. you will receive an SMS with your CRB Details

MetroPol (CRB) Customer Credit Report

metropol customer credit report
Part of customer credit report from Metropol

Ways On How To Check CRB status on Phone when using TransUnion

To check your CRB status on TransUnion:

  1. Register by sending your full names to 21272. The SMS cost sh. 19. Alternatively you can download the TransUnion Nipashe app from the google play store
  2. Enter your ID number`
  3. Choose Credit Status
  4. You will receive your CRB status. A default status report means you are blacklisted while a good status report shows that you have a good rating standing.
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Trans Union (CRB) Customer Credit Report

Part of customer: Trans Union CRB Customer Credit Report

Checking CRB status on CreditInfo

To check your status on CreditInfo, you will need to fill out their request form online.

Credit info also offers 1st Credit Report in 12 months for Free. Additional requests within 12 months – Kshs.350. Online applications costs Ksh 50 Verification fee

What Are The Details In a Credit Report From CRB ?

Personal ProfileYour name, address, ID number, date of birth and employment information are used to identify you.
Performing AccountsLoans that you have taken and still repaying without any default history. It impacts positively on your credit score.
Performing Account with a default historyA loan that you defaulted and later repaid/ you are still paying.
Although updated as cleared or closed, the default information will remain in the credit bureau for 5 years from the date of final settlement.
Non Performing AccountA loan that you have defaulted (90 days) and is still outstanding.It impacts negatively on your credit score.
EnquiriesShows which lenders have checked on you and when you applied for a loan/credit.
Credit Bureau scoreIt is 3 digit number (at the top right hand of your report) that lenders use to evaluate your probability as a borrower to repay a debt or loan if granted. The higher the score the better
You have to borrow to get a credit score. Always check your credit score before you borrow.
Details In a Credit Report From CRB


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