December 1, 2022

Kenyan Coffee Exporters – The Top 10 List

Top Coffee Exporter In Kenya

Kenya is the third-largest coffee exporter in Africa behind Uganda and Ethiopia and ranked No.16 among the top 20 world coffee producers.

Kenyan coffee is one of the most popular coffees in the world, and it has been for a long time. Kenya’s Arabica beans grown at high altitude around Mount Kenya has a very high demand.

In Kenya, coffee production has been an important part of their economy for decades. Coffee beans are grown on small farms and then sold to larger companies who process them into different products like instant coffee or ground coffee.

This article will focus on the Top 10 Kenyan Coffee Exporters

Top african coffee exporters
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Top 10 Kenyan Coffee Exporters

1. Dormans Coffee Ltd

This is one of the established coffee exporters in Kenya.Its among the first coffee roastery, established in 1950, is now one of the fastest-growing coffee exporting firms in Kenya.

Location: Tatu Industrial Park, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 67 586 3000


2.Kenya Co-operative Coffee Exporters Limited (KCCE)

KCCD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kenya Cooperative Coffee Exporters and their mission is to add value to and package pure Kenyan Arabica coffee for both the local and export markets. They purchase all their coffee from the Nairobi Coffee Exchange


Address: Godown 7, Kenbelt Industrial Park off Mombasa Road
Phone: +254 20 2664330

3.Rashid Moledina & Co. Ltd

The Rashid Moledina name has been trusted and respected in the global coffee market for almost 100 years. As the leading private exporter of Kenyan coffee, They are committed to getting the best coffee from plantations throughout Kenya and exporting it to the rest of the world.


Rashid Moledina & Co. (MSA) Ltd.
Zanzibar Road
P. O. Box 80324


Telephone: +254 717 968 186
Email: info [at]

4.Rockbern Coffee Group

Rockbern Coffee Group is a limited company in the Republic of Kenya with vast interest in farming. The company owns coffee estates in Kirinyaga County at the slopes of Mount Kenya.

The company is duly registered by the Coffee Board of Kenya to market, sell and export green and roasted coffee beans.

020-386-1938 | 020-259-3030 | 0733 704 407 |020-259-3031

5.Thika Coffee Ltd

Thika Coffee is a coffee exporting company in Kenya that specializes in green coffee. Apart from exporting the company also produces coffee. Its operations extend to other African countries.


Amazon Volvo House, Loita Street,
P.O. Box 28035 – 00200,Nairobi,KenyaPhone : +254 20 224 89 48Email : info@thikacoffeemills.comEmail :

6.Mwangi Coffee Exporters

Mwangi Coffee Exporters Limited was established by A.S. Zubedi and F.J. Mwangi in 1968, focusing on the export of quality coffee, spices and teas to the Gulf region, Europe and America among others. With a strong tradition of exporting these three products since its establishment.

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Contacts: +254 020 374 7687/ +254 203 10433

7.Eagle Crown Coffee

Eagle Crown Coffee – Is among the top exporters of green Arabica coffee beans from Kenya to the rest of the world. They source coffee from Kenya and supply it in wholesale to importers in other countries. They have clients from North America, the Middle East, Falkland Islands, Singapore, Southern Africa, and beyond.


P.O BOX 25762 – 00100 NAIROBI. KENYA.

Telephone: + 245 714 203 693



8.Sannex Coffee Ltd

The company specializes in roasting and exporting a wide range of coffee products such as green coffee beans, arabica coffee beans, washed and unwashed coffee beans

Location: Blessed House 1st Floor, Ngara Road, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 722 616 255/ +254 20 3750 044

9.Africoff Trading Co. Ltd

 Africoff Trading Co. Ltd is a leading coffee blending company in Kenya. Incorporated in Kenya in the year 1999 with the aim of sourcing and supplying all qualities of Kenya coffee, we have been offering unsurpassed expertise in coffee matters and policies to inspire love, confidence on Kenya coffee at competitive prices.

Location: Tomfrank Apartment, 2nd Floor Suite 5C, Opposite Police Sacco Plaza, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 734 583 890/ +254 771 812 630


10.Diamond Coffee Company Ltd

Location: Nyuki Close, Gikomba, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 20 232 3661/ +254 711 880 076

When Was Coffee Discovered ?

The coffee plant was first discovered in Ethiopia and it has been cultivated there for centuries. The first coffee beans were exported to Europe in 1616 and by 1668, it had become a popular drink among Europeans.

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What Is Coffee?

Coffee is a beverage that is made from the roasted seeds of the coffee plant. It is one of the most popular drinks in the world.

Which Are The Top Coffee Producing Countries?

1.Brazil – market share 37.4%
2. Vietnam -market share 17.1%
3. Colombia -market share 8.4%
4. Indonesia -market share 7.1%
5.Ethiopia- market share 4.3%
6.Honduras- market sahre 3.6%
7. India- market share 3.4%
8.Uganda -market share 3.3%
9. Mexico- market share 2.4%
10. Peru -market share 2.2%
11.Guatemala – market share 2.2%
12.Nicaragua -market share 1.6%
13. Côte d’Ivoire -market share 1.1%
14. Costa Rica -market share 0.9%
15. Tanzania – market share 0.5%
16. Kenya- market share 0.4%
17. Papua New Guinea – market share 0.4%
18.  Laos- market share 0.4%
19. El Salvador- market share 0.4%
20. Thailand -market share 0.4%

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