3 Ways To Check NHIF Status 

How to Check NHIF Status

There are three ways to check the status of your NHIF contributions: online through the NHIF self-service portal, via SMS using a USSD code, or through email at customercare@nhif.or.ke.

How To Check NHIF Status Via NHIF portal

To check your NHIF status online, visit the NHIF website and log in to your account. From there, you can view your contribution history, defaulted months, and account activation status.

How To Check NHIF Status Via SMS

To check your NHIF status via SMS, send an SMS with your ID number to 21101. The NHIF will send a text message to you with your employer’s name and the last payment you made. This service is available to Safaricom and Airtel customers for a fee of Ksh. 10.

To check your NHIF status through email, send a message to customercare@nhif.or.ke. While this option may take longer due to the need for human correspondence, it is a convenient option for those who do not have access to a computer or phone.

It is essential to regularly check your NHIF status to ensure that you are up to date on your contributions and to take advantage of the program’s benefits. By keeping track of your NHIF status, you can avoid any unexpected medical bills and financial stress in the case of an unforeseen illness.

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What is covered by NHIF?

NHIF covers a range of medical services, including outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, maternity care, and certain specialized procedures. Not all medical services are covered by NHIF, and you may be required to pay additional fees for certain treatments or procedures.

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How do I enroll in NHIF?

Enrolling in NHIF is simple. If you are employed, your employer should register you and your dependents for coverage. If you are self-employed, you can visit an NHIF office or enroll online through the NHIF self-service portal. To enroll online, you must provide your NHIF card number, email address, and working phone number. Once you have submitted your information, you will receive an SMS with a One-Time Password (OTP) that you can use to create a password for accessing the self-service portal.

Who is eligible for NHIF?

NHIF is available to Kenyan citizens and residents. If you are employed, your employer is required to register you and your dependents for NHIF coverage. If you are self-employed, you are responsible for enrolling in the program and making monthly contributions.

What if I encounter issues with my NHIF account?

If you encounter any issues with your NHIF account, such as a payment that was not recorded or incorrect personal information, you can contact the NHIF customer care team for assistance. You can reach the customer care team by emailing customercare@nhif.or.ke or calling 0709 388 000.

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Tips for keeping track of your NHIF contributions:

  • Set reminders for yourself to make your monthly NHIF payments
  • Keep records of your payments, such as receipts or bank statements
  • Check your NHIF status regularly to ensure that your contributions are up to date and to identify any potential issues
  • If you are self-employed, consider setting up automatic payments for your NHIF contributions to ensure you never miss a payment.
  • Make sure to update your personal information with the NHIF if anything changes, such as your address or phone number addition of a family member e.g. a child
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By following these tips, you can stay on top of your NHIF contributions and ensure that you have access to the medical care you need in case of an unexpected illness. Don’t let financial stress get in the way of your health – take advantage of the benefits of the NHIF program and protect yourself and your loved ones.

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