September 27, 2023

Updated List of NHIF Rates 2023


NHIF, or the National Health Insurance Fund, is a government-owned organisation that provides universal healthcare coverage to Kenyan citizens.

One of the main features of the NHIF system in Kenya is the categorization of contributors based on their employment status. Employed individuals, for instance, are required to pay a certain percentage of their salary as NHIF contributions, with the rate varying based on their income level. On the other hand, self-employed individuals are required to pay a fixed amount of kshs.500/= month

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Contribution rates for NHIF in Kenya

Calculating NHIF contributions for employed individuals is pretty straightforward. The rates are based on a percentage of your salary, which increases as your salary increases. Here’s a table with the NHIF rates for employees in Kenya for 2023

Salary Bracket in KshMonthly Contribution in Ksh
0 – 5,999150
6,000 – 7,999300
8,000 – 11,999400
12,000 – 14,999500
15,000 – 19,999600
20,000 – 24,999750
25,000 – 29,999850
30,000 – 34,999900
35,000 – 39,000950
40,000 – 44,9991,000
45,000 – 49,0001,100
50,000 – 59,9991,200
60,000 – 69,9991,300
70,000 – 79,9991,400
80,000 – 89,9991,500
90,000 – 99,9991,600
100,000 and Above1,700
Table with the NHIF rates for employees in Kenya for 2023

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As you can see, if you’re earning up to KES 5,999 per month, you’ll be required to pay a contribution of KES 150 per month. If you’re earning between KES 6,000 and KES 7,999 per month, you’ll be required to pay KES 300 per month. And if you’re earning between KES 8,000 and KES 11,999 per month, you’ll be required to pay KES 400 per month. The contribution rates continue to increase as your salary increases, with those earning above KES 70,000 per month required to pay KES 1,700 per month.

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As mentioned earlier Self-employed individuals and those in the informal sector, on the other hand, have to pay kshs.500 per month.

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