Fix HBO Max App Not Working on Roku

HBO Max App Not Working on Roku

The HBO Max App has been available for streaming with Roku devices since 17th December 2020. This arrangement has made the platform accessible to Roku users.

However, users have complained of the HBO Max app not working on Roku on several occasions. The Roku app has been reported to crash immediately after displaying the HBO logo and reverting to the Roku home screen.

This blog post will focus on fixing this problem and other HBO Max issues on Roku.

How To Fix HBO Max App Not Working on Roku

If the HBO Max app on your Roku device stops working, the first thing you need to confirm is that the HBO Max servers are up and running. Use this link to verify if HBO Max is experiencing a server error.

hbo max roku app not working
HBO Max Roku app not working

If the issue is not caused by Server downtime, let’s quickly dive in and look at other ways to fix this problem.

HBO max not playing on Roku

1. Check internet connection.

Another apparent reason the HBO Max App may not be working on Roku is a result of an unstable internet connection.

Refresh your modem, switch, or router to resolve this minor connection issue.

2. Run a speed test.

To ensure an uninterrupted movie experience on HBO Max, a minimum internet speed of around 5mbs is preferred.

Internet speed affecting hbo max not playing hbo max not playing
Internet Speed Test

After refreshing the network devices, run a speed test to confirm if this is the case.

3. Check If Your Device Is Compatible

Not all Roku devices available in the market are compatible with HBO Max.

If HBO Max is not playing on your Roku device, visit the Help Center and confirm if HBO Max supports the model of your Roku device. 

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If the platform does not support your device, you can use a web browser to watch series, movies, and TV shows on HBO Max. You can also buy a supported Roku device like Roku Ultra | Streaming Device

4. Update HBO Max App

Update HBO Max Software

HBO Max regularly sends software updates; delays in updating your app may lead to software malfunction, such as HBO Max not playing on Roku.

Follow the steps below to download and update the HBO Max app on your Roku streaming devices.

Step 1: From the main menu of your device, search for HBO Max.

Step 2: Select the app you want to use by selecting the Menu button on your Firestick’s

Step 3: Click on “More info.”

Step 4: Click “Update” if an update is available.

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5. Clear cache on HBO Max App

Excess cache on your device is another reason HBO Max isn’t playing on your Roku device. Follow the steps outlined below to clear the cache.

• Turn on your Roku TV and the ” home ” button on your Roku remote control

• Select “HBO Max App” from the list. Then, select clear cache

• Turn off your Roku streaming device

6. Restart Roku and Router

Something as simple as unplugging your device from the wall socket and plugging it back after 60 seconds may be all you need to do to resolve this issue.

This soft reset is expected to resolve any network issues on your device. However, if this fails, then let’s move to the next fix

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7. Update Roku Firmware

You cannot watch HBO Max on an outdated Roku Firmware. Follow the steps below to upgrade to Roku

How To Upgrade Roku Firmware

• Activate your Roku streaming device.

• Press the “Home” button on your Roku TV.

• Navigate to the “Settings” section of the page.

• Navigate to “System >>System update.”

• Tap the “Check Now” button to see if an update is available.

Many HBO Max issues on Roku can be solved by simply upgrading the Roku firmware

8. Upgrade Roku To Roku 9.3

The HBO Max app is only available on Roku 9.3 and later.

9. Soft Reset Roku

How To Soft Reset Roku

• Press the Roku remote’s home button five times.

• After this, press the Up button first, and double press the Rewind button.

• Wait a few minutes after pressing the fast forward button twice.

10. Uninstall and re-install the HBO Max channel

Many Roku users have fixed the problem of HBO Max not working on Roku by Uninstalling and re-installing the HBO Max channel

How To Uninstall and re-install the HBO Max channel

• Launch Roku.

• On the Remote, press the Home button.

• Click on ‘Streaming Channels.’

• Click on ‘Channel Store.’

• From the list, look for the HBO Max channel and press the ‘OK’ button on your remote.

• Click on the ‘Remove channel’ button.

• Confirm that you want to remove the HBO Max channel from Roku.

• after that, Restart your device.


• Once Roku is turned on, press the Home button on the remote again.

• Type HBO Max into the search box and search for it.

• Now, add the channel and test it to see if it’s working correctly.

11. Disable VPN

If you are outside the USA and using VPN to conceal your location, you will not be able to watch HBO Max on Roku. This is because HBO Max on Roku is restricted to residents of the United States

12. Hard Reset Roku

Last but not least, you need to hard reset the Roku devise if all the fixes mentioned above have not worked.

How To Hard Reset Roku

• Navigate to the settings menu upon restarting your device.

• Go to the system and select Advanced settings.

• Once there, select Factory Reset and press ” Yes.”

• Once the reset is complete, relaunch HBO Max.


We hope that this guide has helped answer the question ” Why is HBO max not working on Roku ” and has also resolved the common HBO Roku issues stopping you from watching your favorite shows and movies.

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