Why Does HBO Max Keep Logging Me Out [FIXED]

Why Does HBO Max Keep Logging Me Out

You might have noticed that your HBO Max keeps logging you out sometimes. This issue is common to YouTube TV and AT&T subscribers.

One of the main reasons why HBO max keeps logging you out is because of unstable internet connections or because of an I.P address change or an outdated HBO Max app.

Some people are of the opinion that this is an intentional re-authorization process by HBO Max aimed at controlling the maximum number of concurrent devices allowed and the length of time before viewers need to log in again, 

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Try out the tips below and let us know if you found them helpful or not

Why Does My HBO Max Keep Logging Me Out?

1.Log Out all Device On The HBO Max Website

The best way to fix the issue where HBO Max keeps logging you out is by signing out all devices on the HBO Max website and signing back in on the website itself.

2. Full HBO cache files

Apart from causing playback issues, a full HBO cache file may be another reason why your HBO max keeps logging you out.

How to clear HBO Cache files

Settings> Applications> Manage Installed Applications> HBO Max> Force Stop and then go to Clear Cache

3. Outdated HBO Max App

For the purpose of adding functions or fixing bugs, HBO Max regularly sends software updates, delays in updating your app may lead to software malfunction and is another reason why HBO max keep signing you out

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4. Slow Internet Speeds

Check if your internet is running at optimum speed here. Reset your wifi router if the speeds are below the expected Mbps to better your internet connections.

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